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Low Carb studies, research and media clips about Atkins diet and low-carb diets. Arguments for and against are presented here for objectivity. In our opinion, arguments against low-carb dieting are based on false, simplistic  assumptions.
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Shaman Creates Exclusive SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--Sept. 6, 2000-- Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that the company has created a complete website at exclusive to Syndrome X, 

Shaman to Present Scientific Data At International Society of Ethnobiology Congress  BW HealthWire)--Sept. 12, 2000 "Syndrome X is a metabolic disorder that leads to half, and probably more, of all heart attacks in individuals living in economically developed countries. Approximately 30% of adult Americans are insulin resistant and at risk to develop Syndrome X"

Copenhagen Study Supports the Importance of the SynX Bar as a Dietary Supplement for Those at Risk for Coronary Heart Disease SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--August 24, 2000--Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that a recently published (Hypertension. 2000;36:226-232) clinical study performed in Copenhagen, Denmark, supports Shaman's positioning of its dietary supplement product line to address the unmet healthcare needs of individuals at risk for coronary heart disease.

Crazy for Carbs Dec. 6, 2000: Scientists Debate Connection between Carbs and Obesity [Also talks about Syndrome X]


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